Walk & Train

Social Group Walk

Twice a month, Karen's DOGS organises a free group walk for clients of Karen's DOGS. The aim of this walk is to come and talk to other dog owners and myself while letting your dog socialise. One walk is for off lead dogs (to let them have a good run play) and the other walk is on lead (for dogs who are going through training and perhaps prefer a little bit of space). No formal training is undertaken by myself but it is a great place to practice training with your dog and work in a real-life situation (i.e. in front of lots of distractions!)

The walk is normally one hour long. If you have a younger/older dog and would like to join us but feel that walk is too long, you are more than welcome to join us and just walk part of the way. 


The group walk has become very popular so if you are interested please fill out the form below to book and we will give you an email with the walk details. Places are limited.

Terms and Conditions; 1. My dog is sociable and is not nervous or fear aggressive to dogs or people. 2. Places on the walk are limited, places will be allocated on a first come first served basis depending on when the contact form is received. If you are unable to secure a place on this walk, you will be offered the first places on the next walk. 3. During the walk, your dog is your responsibility. Karen's DOGS cannot be held liable for any incident. 4. You and your dog must have attended a class/individual session at Karen's DOGS. 5. You are happy for us to contact you letting you know that we have received your form.