Effective online dog training.

Puppy basics to advanced life skills.

Devoted to Dogs is our Online Dog Training Service

We understand that life is very busy, owners often need immediate help, extra guidance with their individual session or class homework and not all people (and dogs) feel comfortable in a group setting. This is why we have created Devoted to Dogs

Devoted to Dogs is an online service, create by us at Karen's DOGS, which provides, explanation, advice, support and guidance. We will help you train puppy basics, advanced life skills to reactive dog training from the comfort of your own home. 

By becoming a member you gain immediate, unlimited, 24/7 access to our SEVEN training courses (over 50 step-by-step training videos) - 

  1. ​Your New Puppy

  2. Beginner Life Skills

  3. Intermediate Life Skills

  4. Advanced Life Skills

  5. Webinars

  6. Train with Me! (new videos fortnightly)

  7. Gundog Training Foundations

Membership includes assess to our Facebook Online Community Group where members support, share and motivate each other.

A 7 day free trial is now available! To join click on the yellow button below... Happy Training!​ 

An example of the training videos. Settle (video 1 of 4)

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