Online Courses

Want and need immediate help and solutions?

Gain immediate help for a range of training and behavioural issues through our online courses on Course Craft. 

The courses have step-by-step training plans, illustrations, instructional videos, trouble-shooting sections and we support you via our private, Facebook community page.

Please see below for course details... happy training!

HELP! My Dog Gets Distracted!


Does your dog struggle to listen to you when distractions are present? Distraction training is what you need to work on!

The goal of distraction training is to ensure your dog will carry out all cues, no matter what is in their environment.

This course will help you master distraction training, vital for 'outside' cues - loose lead walking, impulse control and of course... recall!

Cost £15 for immediate, life-time, unlimited access.

Overcoming Separation Anxiety


Does your dog struggle to be left home alone? Or maybe you are preparing your dog to start being left home alone?

This 40 minute webinar will guide you through all the training - 

  1. Preparing your dog for the thought of being home alone and making these thoughts positive!

  2. How to build up leaving your dog home alone and ensuring they are calm, comfortable and relaxed.

Cost £15 for immediate, life-time, unlimited access.

Co-operative Care


Many dogs struggle with being handled. This could involve clipping their nail, cleaning their ears, grooming, towel drying their feet etc.

Co-operative care helps you to solve this struggle. The training gives your dog choice about the handling you are doing, by giving your dog choice they let you do so much more than you think they would!

These training videos will show you everything you need to know.

Cost £15 for immediate, life-time, unlimited access.

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