Behavioural Sessions

Solving Dog Training Problems with a Personalised Approach

We see all dogs as individuals who deserve the very best. That is why our personalised private, in person behavioural sessions are a wonderful approach to help you and your dog.

Training classes can be great, but often skills taught only work in a class environment and many dogs cannot cope in such a busy environment. We work with you and your dog wherever you need the training to work - in your home, in the garden and/or out on dog walks.

Initial Behavioural Session

  • For dogs of any age

  • Sessions normally last 2-3 hours

  • We assess your dog's behaviour, talk about a behavioural modification plan and work through the training together

  • I teach you how to solve your dog's behavioural issues (e.g. leash reactivity, resource guarding, barking - whatever your need)

  • I will send you a step-by-step training plan to follow

  • After your session I am still here to help! We can arrange phone and email support to ensure the training plan is effective and achieving results, for 3 months after your session

​* price excludes travel expenses

Behavioural Follow-Up Session

  • In an initial behavioural session, I aim to provide all necessary training to solve your dog's behavioural problems. This initial session, along with ongoing phone/email support is usually all clients need to achieve their goals

  • If clients would like further, in-person support a follow up session(s) can be arranged

​* price excludes travel expenses

Due to COVID-19 please note

Outdoor Issues

  • These sessions will take place outside where social distancing can be maintained.

  • We can start by talking through everything in your garden and then go for a walk together (if you are having issues when walking your dog) or we can stay in the garden to work on the training. 

  • If you prefer, we can meet on a dog walk or meet at your home and go straight for a dog walk.

  • We don't have to, but if you would like to wear a mask in our outdoor session then please let us know.

Indoor Issues

  • If possible it will be best to meet outside, talk about the issues and then we can go inside your home to assess your dog's behaviour and to work on the training. This aims to limited the time spent indoors.

What days/times can sessions take place?

​In-person sessions are available Monday to Friday - morning and afternoon.

We will only use kind, gentle, force-free and effective training methods. We will treat your dog as an individual and like one of our own.