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Behavioural Sessions

Many dogs can struggle in different situations. This might lead to reactive behaviour towards triggers, in your home, garden and/or out on a dog walk. Your dog could be backing away, freezing, refusing to leave your home and/or get their harness and lead on. Dogs can struggle with vet visits, handling, grooming and being left home alone.

Let me know you solve and manage your dog's behaviours so you can enjoy indoor and outdoor life together!

Who is this service for?

  • If you would love to enjoy outdoor and indoor life with your dog free-stress.

  • You understand that your dog needs help, support, guidance and patience throughout their training programme.

  • You want a dedicated, knowledgeable, caring person to support you and your dog (trust me, I will be your biggest cheerleader!)

  • You desire a tailored made plan to suit your dog (and special family member).

  • You are ready to commit to a training plan to help your dog.


What does the training look like?


The training is all positive reinforcement-based, force-free methods. We will work on changing your dog's emotional response to a trigger (i.e. anxiety/fear/frustration to calm/positive feelings). If your dog feels better when they see a trigger reactions reduce and stop!

We also cover training additional cues to help guide your dog out of a tricky situation. This helps them to build confidence in you and helps you set them up for success!

I will demonstrate the training to you with your dog (if appropriate) and then I will support and guide you while you practice. 

How it works

Karen's DOGS offer a behavioural solution package, rather than one-off sessions. I find this more effective because - 

  • I can support you throughout your dog's training journey.

  • I can tailor-make the training to your and your dog's needs.

  • We can progress the training at each visit and ensure we are on track.

  • You know what commitment is needed to ensure you have all the tools you need to help your dog.

Sessions can take place Monday to Friday; with morning, afternoon and evening* sessions available.

*Evening sessions throughout winter are available for initial zoom calls only. It is always best to train in the daylight.

 Behavioural Package = £390

  • Gathering details on your dog and training goals so I can plan for our time together.

  • Veterinary referral and liaison, as required.

  • 1 x 90-minute Zoom consultation with Karen.

    We will talk about the issues you are having, your goals, why your dog behaving the way they are, how to reduce your dog's stress (and yours!) and how to set your dog up for success before we start training.

  • A written summary sent to you to help you implement changes.

  • 1 x 2-hour in-person session on one of your regular dog walks, in your home and/or in your garden - just where ever you need the help. 

  • A written summary sent to you to help aid your training.

  • Immediate and unlimited access to an online course most suited to what you would like to work on with your dog or a course of your choice.

  • Knowing an ethical, caring and science-based approach will be implicated.

  • All travel expenses and time included.

  • Email/phone support for 3 months after our initial meeting.


Further 1-hour sessions can be added to your package (the cost is £80, excluding travel expenses). These can be arranged if/when you feel they are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Karen's DOGS

It's a bit of a minefield with regards to finding a suitable trainer and making the wrong decision isn't just a waste of money, it's also potentially damaging to your dog and can cause you (and your dog) significant problems in the long run. Karen has numerous academic qualifications, along with approval from Victoria Stilwell and Karen Pryor, to ensure you and your dog are in safe hands. To view her qualifications, experience and recommendations please read our 'About' page.

What is positive reinforcement?

Our training involves setting your dog up for success! We use treats, toys, praise and anything else your dog loves to reward their desirable behaviours. When we reward behaviour we like, it is more likely going to occur again in the future - perfect! I will teach you everything you need to know about training your dog in our 1-2-1 behavioural sessions.

Can you guarantee that you can solve the problem?

Quite simply, no. Nobody can guarantee anything when it comes to a dog's behaviour because they are not machines that we can simply re-programme. For that reason, you should be very wary of anyone who guarantees anything of the sort! The successful outcome of the situation depends on several factors: our assessment of the situation and advice, your involvement and active participation in the progress and your dog's response. What we can guarantee you is that we will use our skill and expertise to determine the issues and develop a personalised plan based on sound, scientific understanding, using ethical and kind strategies to help you to achieve the outcome that you want.

Why could is Vet be involved?

It is important to liaison with your Veterinary Practice and to view your dog's clinical history before we start training together. Many medical conditions can contribute to behavioural issues, this needs to be taken into account when working on training. Simply put - we could do all the training in the world to help your dog overcome their issues, but it is unlikely to help if a medical issue is fueling your dog's behaviour. We need to cover this base. When you sign up for the behavioural solution package a Veterinary Referral form will be sent to your Veterinary Surgery for completion via email. This ensures your Vet is happy for us to work together and keeps them up-to-date.

Can I book additional sessions?

Yes! I have created this package as from experience this is the best combination of services to help you reach your training goals. However, some clients would like more practice together. Additional one-hour follow-up sessions cost £80 (excluding travel charges). We can organise this once we reach the end of your package.