Behavioural Sessions

Solving Dog Behavioural Problems with a Personalised Approach

We see all dogs as individuals who deserve the very best. That is why our personalised private, in person sessions are a wonderful approach to help you and your dog.

See below for all our behavioural session details, if you would like to book a session please click 'request a session' below.

* Please note - if you have previously had a training session (rather than behavioural session) with Karen's DOGS this service is still available to you. If you would like to book any more sessions please get in touch. I am still here to help!

Initial Behavioural Session

New Clients

Karen's DOGS is committed to supporting our clients throughout

their dog training journey. To ensure we are able to do this we have temporarily stopped taking on new clients due to high demand.

We hope to take on new clients from August onwards. Sorry

for any disappointment caused.

If you would like help with your dog please get in touch and

we can recommend some great trainers/behaviourists.

Current/Previous Clients

Karen's DOGS is still here to support current and previous clients. If you have attended one of Karen's DOGS classes and/or 1-2-1 sessions and would like to arrange more support please get in touch.

About the session - 

  • For dogs of any age

  • Sessions normally last 2-3 hours

  • We assess your dog's behaviour, talk about a behavioural modification plan and work through the training together

  • I teach you how to solve your dog's behavioural issues (e.g. leash reactivity, resource guarding, barking - whatever your need)

Written report - 

  • I will send you a step-by-step training plan to follow

Ongoing support - 

  • After your session I am still here to help! We can arrange phone and email support to ensure the training plan is effective and achieving results

Due to COVID-19 please note - 

  • All sessions will be outside (in your garden and/or out on a dog walk). I am able to enter your home only to access your garden, when doing so I will wear a mask and remain a 2 metre distance from you. 

  • Sessions can involve a maximum of three people from your household.

  • As always, I will wash my hands before and after your session.

  • We will not share equipment (e.g. leads, clickers, treat bags etc.)

  • We don't have to, but if you would like me to wear a mask in our outdoor session then please let me know.

​* price excludes travel expenses

Follow-Up Session

About the session - 

  • In an initial behavioural session, I aim to provide all necessary training to solve your dog's behavioural problems. This initial session, along with ongoing phone/email support is usually all clients need to achieve their goals

  • If clients would like further, in-person support a follow up session(s) can be arranged

​* price excludes travel expenses

What days/times can sessions take place?

​In-person sessions are available Tuesday to Friday.

Due to high demand there can be a 8-10 week wait for initial behavioural sessions, follow up sessions can usually be arranged within 1-2 weeks.


Thank you for your patience (I promise we are worth the wait!) 

We will only use kind, gentle, force-free and effective training methods. We will treat your dog as an individual and like one of our own.