Private Session Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all private 1-2-1 sessions. Please note that booking a 1-2-1 and engagement in sessions both imply full agreement to these terms and conditions. 


** Please see below for COVID-19 additional terms and conditions **

Techniques & Handling

The training techniques used by Karen's DOGS are designed to be kind, fair, force-free and non-aversive. Harsh handling, physical force and equipment designed to be aversive will not be used (including choke chains, check chains, prong collars, spray collars, anti-pull harnesses and e-collars).


Booking Process, Payment, Refund & Cancellations

To book a behavioural session please use the request forms which you are directed to when clicking 'requests a behavioural session'. These forms are emailed directly to Karen. Karen will be in touch within 48 hours (excluding Saturday to Monday - when our offices are closed) to offer appointment day/time suggestions. Once a mutually convenient day(s)/time(s) has been agreed payment options will be emailed. The full session fee, including travel expenses, is required within 48 hours. You can pay by bank transfer, Paypal or debit/credit card (through our website payment system via Stripe).

If payment has not been received within 48 hours your suggested appointment slot(s) will be offered to another client. Appointments are offered on a first come first service basis. 

Appointments cancelled two days or less before the arranged appointment will be subject to the full fee. Appointments cancelled with more than two days notice before the arranged appointment will be rescheduled or refunded.​ Karen's DOGS retains the right to cancel a session(s). If a session has been cancelled by Karen's DOGS a full refund will be arranged. 


To avoid any doubt - a cancellation is defined as any appointment which cannot be made at the time, date and location stated when originally booked.



We ask that all dogs are kept away from the garden gate (contained in your home) or kept in your car (if meeting on a dog walk) when we first arrive. Depending on the issue, you may be asked to take additional steps to ensure safety (and controlled observation of your dog's behaviour) during a behavioural 1-2-1 session. In any case, if you have concerns about your dog's behaviour towards meeting people, yourself or anyone present (including other pets), it is entirely your responsibility to take all necessary steps (e.g. muzzling your dog, keep them on a lead, other pets in a different room etc.) It is vital that you take sensible safety precautions and then discuss how and when your dog should be introduced rather than taking risks. 

If your dog has ever bitten a person/other animal, you must report this before your behavioural 1-2-1 session. If any accidents or injury takes place during our session this must be reported to us at the time they occur. 


In adverse weather conditions Karen's DOGS may cancel your session (even at short notice) if travel is unsafe. Safety is our number one priority. If this occurs you will be phoned (we will give you as much notice as possible) and your session will be rearranged.

Veterinary Care

If, during or after the session, it is felt by us that a veterinary check (or further checks) are advisable, it will be your responsibility to ensure this is carried out.


All family members are welcome to attend sessions. In behavioural sessions, due to the nature of discussions it might not be appropriate for children to attend. It is your responsibility as parent/carer to determine whether or not it would be helpful/appropriate for children to attend. It is important that at least one adult can give their full attention to the discussion throughout. We accept no responsibility for children before, during and after sessions. 

Marketing & Privacy

Sometimes in a session pictures are taken of dogs and owners working. These pictures are sometimes shared on social media (Facebook and Instagram), in the Karen's DOGS newsletter and on our website. If you do not wish for pictures of yourself and dog to be taken/shared please let us know before your session.

By submitting an enquiry/contact form to Karen's DOGS you are agreeing to our privacy policy. To view please click here


Commitment and Owner Responsibility

By working with Karen's DOGS you are agreeing to -

  • fully engage with the process of working with your dog to the best of your ability and understand that any changes will involve commitment and consistency

  • understanding there is no 'quick fix' when working with behavioural issues

  • avoiding introducing alternative training/behaviour modification methods (such as those picked up from TV, books, friends and other trainers) in order to prevent confusion and conflict for your dog

  • being open and honest in providing information

  • asking for clarification if anything which is explained in unclear

  • having an open mind with regard to potential solutions, changes and strategies


Owners are to understand that modifying behaviour poses a risk of injury. You are to ensure that necessary steps are taken at all times to prevent injury, including avoidance of situations that might trigger an aggressive behaviour. Owners agree to indemnify and hold Karen's DOGS unaccountable against any and all losses, liabilities, judgments and costs (including legal fees and expenses) arising out of, or related to, any claim of injury to persons or property of any kind, whether before, during or after the consultation and when implementing suggested techniques with your dog. 







Maintaining the safety of our clients is of the utmost importance to Karen's DOGS. Therefore, until further notice - 

Where sessions will take place - 

  • All in-person sessions will be undertaken outside where social distancing can take place.

  • We can meet for your session on a dog walk or in your garden (where social distancing can be maintained).

  • Karen will only enter your home to access your garden, if required. When doing so she will wear a mask and remain at a 2 metre distance from anyone in your household. 

Social distancing - 

  • A maximum of three people from your household may attend the session. 

  • During our session we will maintain a distance of two metres. Please ensure that all family members adhere to this measure. Children are welcome to attend our sessions, however, one adult must be present to focus on your child/children, while another adult is present to focus on our training session.

  • Please wash your hands before our session, Karen will be doing this also.

  • If you are in the high-risk category and would like Karen to wear a mask during your session, please let her know. We recommend you watch our 'how to get your dog used to people wearing masks' training video available on the Karen's DOGS Facebook page (posted 4th May 2020). 


How we will demonstrate the training (we still want you to get everything you need from our session) - 

  • As much as possible, Karen will explain the training stages to you and guide you through your practice in your session, without demonstrating with your dog.

  • If possible (weather permitting) Karen will take her dogs to your session. Her dogs will stay in her car until required for a training demonstration.

  • If the above two points are not options. Karen will use your dog to demonstrate the training to you. She will call your dog to her and place a short lead onto your dog, which she will hold. This prevents sharing leads.

Illness - 

  • If you need to cancel your session within the 48 hours of your session appointment due to COVID-19 issues (i.e. self-isolation, illness) your session can be rearranged to a mutually convenient time. The fee you have paid will be credited against your rearranged session.

  • Under normal booking process, payment, refund and cancellations (please see above) you can still cancel your appointment two days or more before your appointment and receive a full refund or rearrange your appointment at no extra cost.

  • If Karen's DOGS needs to cancel your appointment, due to COVID-19 issues, your session will be rescheduled as soon as possible or you may request a full refund.

Changes to Scottish Government guidelines - 

  • Karen's DOGS will only undertake in-person sessions in line with the Scottish Government guidelines at that time.

  • If the Government declares in the future that it is not safe to carry out work outside, with social distancing measures in place, your session will be postponed.

  • If your session is postponed phone and email support can be given ahead of your session, free of charge. We recommend that this does not replace our 1-2-1 session, assessing your dog's behaviour and environment is vital to give us all the information we need to give you a full, effective training plan to overcome your issues.

  • In-person sessions can be undertaken inside (i.e. your home) once the Government deems this safe.

Working outside - 

As in-person sessions can only currently be undertaken outside (with moving indoors only available to work on indoor training), if you feel the weather would affect your dog's ability to learn (e.g. they do not like walking in the rain, they are scared of the wind etc.) we can rearrange our session. Please give us as much notice as possible. Your session we be rearranged into the next mutually convenient time slot.