Personalised Private Training for Real-Life Results

Solving Dog Training Problems with a Personalised Approach

Karen's DOGS cater to all canine personalities with our personalised, private dog training and behaviour sessions in Central Scotland. We believe all dogs are individuals and deserve tailor made training plans that will achieve real-life results. Run by Scotland's first Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer, we can help!

Gain a reliable, responsive, relaxed dog who you can enjoy indoor and outdoor life with.


Your dog will be treated like one of our own, a loved family member who is an individual and deserves the best! 

Only scientifically proven training methods which are kind, positive and force-free are used. We can help you train your dog without using punishment, fear or intimidation.

We can help!


Home set up & equipment

Night time routine

Toilet training


Leaving your pup home alone

Chewing, jumping & nipping


Confidence building

Life skill training



Lead walking

Distraction training

Greeting people/dogs appropriately

Drop & Take


Settle work

Building on life skill training


Dog reactivity

On-leash reactivity

Resource guarding

Separation anxiety

Fear, stress and anxiety issues

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