Karen's DOGS train dogs of all shapes and sizes using force-free training methods. We provide a variety of training services for Edinburgh, West Lothian and the surrounding areas.

From April 2016 we are excited to announced our move into our own facilities. This ensures we can provide the very best dog training services with a fully equipped centre.

Karen's DOGS is run by the first Victoria Stilwell Approved Trainer in Scotland. Karen has been hand selected by Victoria Stilwell to join her team of the very best positive reinforcement dog trainers around the world (please see video on right).

Positive reinforcement sees dogs gaining treats, toys and praise for displaying the correct behaviour - which all dogs love! This method is used in all our services including dogs that have behavioural problems. Positive reinforcement has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be the most effective, long lasting and safest way to train a dog.

By signing up to one of our services training at both ends of the lead occurs; owners are always taught how their dog thinks, learns and communicates which leads to better understanding of their best friends.

Overall, Karen's DOGS strives to help develop a unique and strong bond between owners and their dogs to ensure their dog is a welcomed member of society and the family!

To find out more about the services available please click on the navigation above, any questions please get in contact.

At Karen's DOGS we are constantly trying to progress to give you a complete set of services all centred around positive reinforcement, ensuring your dog is cared for to the highest standard. If you have 5 minutes to spare we would be grateful if you completed our onlineshop survey about dog walking and doggie day care service. Please click here.